Festge County Park is the gateway to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, where the hills and valleys escaped the leveling forces of the glaciers occurring more than 10,000 years ago. With bluffs soaring high above the Black Earth Creek valley floor, Festge Park is home to a rare bur oak savanna, hickory-covered hills, and remnant prairies.

Step into a sanctuary full of colors, light and shadows where creatures awake to the vibrations and whispers of the forest. Come experience a place where joy, inspiration, and discovery await you.


Friends of Festge is a volunteer group committed to restoring, maintaining, and enhancing the diversity of the prairies, woodlands, streams, and wetlands of Festge Park and Salmo Pond.


Friends of Festge seeks to restore the native plants and wildlife habitats at Festge County Park and Salmo Pond for the enjoyment of visitors. We are committed to improving the quality and diversity of the streams, prairies, and oak savannas through plantings and habitat improvement. We seek to train volunteers and offer field naturalist programs to schools and the community in cooperation with Dane County to provide long-term stewardship of the park.

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Gateway to the Driftless Area